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Back in the Office? Tips for Low Carb Eating at Work

May 19, 2022
  • Tips for Low Carb Eating at Work
    • Planning and Convenience Are Key to Low Carb Eating at Work
      • 1) Plan ahead.
      • 2) Choose satisfying, energizing foods.
      • 3) Love your leftovers.
      • 4) Review your choices before eating out.

Back in the Office? Tips for Low Carb Eating at Work

Office-friendly, portable and convenient low carb meals and snacks.

By now, you may have transitioned from WFH to back in the office. In some ways, there’s an advantage, as your kitchen is no longer within grazing distance, but it does require some advance planning, for the sake of your low carb lifestyle and healthy work-life balance.

Planning and Convenience Are Key to Low Carb Eating at Work

A successful low carb lifestyle starts with smart strategies for low carb eating at work

1) Plan ahead.

Commit to “brown bagging” at least three lunches a week. This is easier on your budget (especially if sky-high gas prices are hampering your commute), plus you’re in control of the quality of your ingredients and portion sizes.

2) Choose satisfying, energizing foods.

Pick high-fiber veggies, healthy fats and quality proteins, which will keep you fueled all day and mentally on point.

3) Love your leftovers.

Low carb sheet pan recipes, lasagna and casseroles all do delicious double duty as office lunches. (Make extra pans of lasagna and casseroles to freeze, defrost and bake for super easy low carb weeknight meals.) You can make the most of your grilled leftovers and add to a veggie-packed salad or toss with cauliflower rice and avocado for a savory bowl.

4) Review your choices before eating out.

Of course, you’ll probably want to enjoy the occasional meal out with co-workers, or you may need to grab a quick lunch from the drive-through or a fast casual restaurant. Do your research and you can enjoy these meals without guilt:

Low Carb and Keto Friendly Guide to Eating Out

Low Carb and Keto Fast Food Options

5) Stock your office snack drawer.

If Friday donuts and office parties have returned or you consistently crave something sweet or salty in the afternoon, make sure you’re prepared with Atkins bars, shakes, protein chips and keto treats. When all you have time for is something quick to grab and go, you need a fast breakfast during your commute or maybe you forgot your lunch, bars and shakes are convenient options. You can also nosh on these office-friendly low carb snacks:

Portable and Simple Low Carb Snacks for the Office

6) Organize in advance.

Keep a plate, bowl, utensils and condiments at the office, which will save you minutes during mealtimes. Invest in Mason jars for salads and overnight oats, a Bento box or lunch box for boxed lunches and glass or plastic containers that you can shlep back and forth and reheat leftovers in. Try these recipes for overnight oats, a Mason jar salad and lunch bowls:

Chia Pecan Overnight Oats

Low Carb Banana Bread Chia Overnight Oats

Strawberry Shortcake Bar Breakfast Bowl

Moroccan Chicken Mason Jar Salad

Keto Turkey Taco Bowl

Egg Roll Bowl with Shrimp

7) Walk it off.

Indulge in a little self-care and stress relief with a walk after lunch. In fact, walking for a brisk 30 minutes right after lunch has been shown to be more of a boost for weight loss than waiting one hour after eating to walk, according to a study in the International Journal of General Medicine. Throw in an after-dinner walk for even better results.

8) Set yourself up for success on Sunday.

You can really make Mondays matter when you begin the week with a stocked pantry and kitchen and meals planned and prepped:

5 Tips for Healthier Low Carb Habits and How to Scare Off the Sunday “Scaries”

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