The new weight loss
medications have changed

We’re actually thrilled at what lies ahead …

… especially the part about

no more dieting

Clearly, the new weight loss drugs are working well for many people. If you’re one of them, you already know the good news: you’re eating a lot less. But the bad news is that you may not be giving your body all the protein and nutrition it needs—which can lead to losing more than weight.

Without enough protein, you increase the risk of losing a significant amount of muscle mass, strength, and even bone density. So, with the choice of 15g, 23g, or 30g of protein, Atkins® protein-rich Shakes are a deliciously easy way to help maintain lean muscle mass while you’re on GLP-1 medications*.

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*When used in conjunction with exercise

Atkins: your GLP-1 ally

Eat Well

Cooking nutritious meals is key to maintaining good health and weight. Explore hundreds of delicious recipes on that focus on protein while limiting sugar and carbs

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Snack Mindfully

Snacking doesn’t have to undo your hard work! Whether you’re on-the-go or simply want a mini meal, Atkins products give you the nutrients you need to feel fuller longer.

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Milk Chocolate Delight Protein Shake

15G Protein
1G Sugar
160 Calories
2G Net Carbs
3G Fiber
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Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bar

16G Protein
2G Sugar
240 Calories
3G Net Carbs
12G Fiber
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Let’s start rethinking our relationship with food

Atkins was always a bigger idea than a diet.

For years, countless people have lost weight ‘doing Atkins.’ But did you know that the ‘Atkins way’ of eating—low carb, low sugar, and good, healthy proteins has been the secret weapon for many people for maintaining their weight.

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