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Phase Three Overview: Eating More Carbs

You're probably now just 10 pounds from your goal weight, which you'll achieve in Phase 3. This phase is designed for fine-tuning your diet so you can eventually focus on maintaining your weight loss . In Phase 3, you will gradually see how much you can raise your daily Net Carb intake and maintain weight loss while exploring the final three rungs of the Carb Ladder.

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How long

Until you've reached your goal weight and maintained it for a month.


Trim your final excess pounds, continuing to explore your personal carb balance. Then find your tolerance for carb intake while maintaining your new weight. This phase is a dress rehearsal for Lifetime Maintenance.


Gradually increase your daily Net Carb intake in 10-gram (or 5-gram, if you prefer) increments, continuing to reintroduce new carb foods, as long as you continue to slowly lose weight and then to maintain that loss.


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Read nutrition articles, learn the science behind Atkins, and sample the extensive amount of peer-reviewed published studies in major scientific journals demonstrating the effectiveness and the health benefits of the Atkins diet.

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