Keto-Friendly & Low Carb 4th of July Recipes

Red, white, and blue fireworks in the night sky.

Even during the summer when we are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying the fresh air, it can get so busy that we forget to take the time to sit back and relax. Luckily, right in the middle of summer, we all get a little break with one of the most fun holidays of the year: the 4th of July.

From fireworks and backyard barbeques to picnics and pool parties, the 4th of July is the perfect time to make sure you are relaxing this summer.

While holidays are always fun and filled with family and friends, they can also be quite a challenge if you are trying to stick to a diet. During the 4th of July weekend, this may be the case for many other diets, but if you’re on a more flexible keto diet like Atkins 20 or 40, you definitely won’t have to go hungry this holiday weekend. There are plenty of low carb and keto 4th of July meals, drinks, and desserts that will allow you to follow your diet, but still enjoy the holiday.

Check out these great low carb and keto 4th of July recipes to celebrate our nation’s birthday:

Low Carb, Sippable Beverages

Close-up of a fizzing beverage with floating raspberries, lime, and mint.

Raspberry-Lime Fizz

This light drink is perfect for summer and it only takes 5 minutes to make! With fresh raspberries and lime juice, it’s sure to cool you off. This low carb beverage only has 2.7g net carbs and 11 calories per serving.

Ginger-Mint Lemonade Recipe

This refreshing beverage is perfect for a warm summer day! Made with minced ginger and mint, this drink adds perfect summer flavors to your celebration. This low carb drink only has 14.4 calories per serving.

Summer Watermelon Fizz Mocktail

This light beverage brings the bubbles and more to any 4th of July celebration! The perfect add-on to a keto 4th of July, this drink is a welcome break from the summer heat with chilled, fresh watermelon and peppermint! Coming in at 3.2g net carbs with 13 calories per serving, it’s hard to get more keto friendly than this. 

Keto Friendly Main Courses

Burger patties with cheese, tomatoes, and red onion wrapped in lettuce.

Lettuce Wrapped Chipotle Burgers

A keto 4th of July cookout wouldn’t be complete without some sort of burger, and this one will give your guests the juicy flavor they need. The homemade chipotle-mayo sauce gives these burgers a distinct and summery flavor. This classic dish has less than 1 gram of net carbs per serving but still has 28.3 grams of protein.

Glazed Baby Back Ribs

Every good barbeque should have ribs, so give this recipe a try on Independence Day. They take almost five hours when you include time for marinating and cooking, but the flavor from the glaze made from unsweetened ketchup, mustard and hot sauce will more than make it worth your while. This grill classic only has 1.9 grams of net carbs while packing in 28.7 grams of protein.

Keto Grilled Steaks with Mustard-Herb Rub

Elevate your keto 4th of July grill menu with delicious ribeyes cooked to perfection in this recipe. For a meat staple, they take only a breezy 10 minutes to cook and season, with the dijon mustard giving the perfect bite to cut through the steak’s richness. This keto classic only has .9g of carbs while containing 49.4g of protein!

Low Carb & Keto 4th of July Sides

Close-up of a bowl of coleslaw.

Red, White and Blue Coleslaw

Blue cheese and red cabbage will add a unique twist to your ordinary coleslaw while still keeping it low carb. With 2.5g of net carbs and 3.1g of protein per serving, your guests will thank you!

Cauliflower “Potato” Salad

Recreate this summertime classic with cauliflower for a perfect addition to your keto 4th of July menu. With 3.4g net carbs per serving, this delicious chilled dish will please everyone at the table!

Grilled Asparagus with Lemon

Make your 4th of July menu extra keto friendly with this delicious side dish! Top grilled asparagus with an extra kick of citrus for a veggie to please everyone. With 3.4g net carbs, this perfect side dish can be whipped up in a pinch. 

Low Carb & Keto 4th of July Desserts

Star-shaped red, white, and blue layered gelatin desserts.

Bittersweet Chocolate Brownie Drops

No holiday celebration is complete without something sweet, and these brownie drops make perfect keto 4th of July desserts. These grab-and-go chocolate bites are great for mess-free picnicking. This great dessert only has 2.9 grams of net carbs and 100 calories per serving.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Celebrate the nation’s birthday with this all-American dessert! These cookies use unsweetened chocolate chips to fit right in with your keto 4th of July menu. This low carb 4th of July recipe has 2 grams of net carbs and 3.8 grams of protein.

Red, White and Blue Dessert Stars

This layered gelatin treat made with fresh berries is sure to delight your guests. The colors make it a great keto friendly 4th of July recipe! With only 2.2g net carbs per serving, 1.3g of fiber, and 12g of protein, this will be a sweet snack that’ll be sure to please your guests and help you stick to your low carb diet.

If you’re looking for other low carb meals and desserts, check out the Atkins recipe library with over 1,600 recipes perfect for other summer occasions.

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