April Johnson

Age 40
Just go for it, what do you have to lose? THE EXTRA WEIGHT!

* The average person can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary. Weight loss is influenced by exercise, food consumed and diet
70 lbs lost*
April Johnson - after
April Johnson - before

My Story:

I let myself get to the heaviest I ever been almost 250 pounds and that scared me. I have a family history of heart disease, and diabetes and I was staring down a barrel of a loaded gun if I didn’t change. I had a cousin who was a personal trainer and she always wanted to train me but I kept pushing her off, she told me away least eat a low carb diet which I did and the weight started coming off, she was so proud of me I finally got the nerve to ask her to start to train me this was on a Saturday night, unfortunately in the middle of the night she passed away in her sleep. That day I vowed to lose the weight for good for her!! Now I’m down over 70 pounds and I know she is looking down at me with the biggest smile on her face knowing she helped get me there.

Favorite Atkins Friendly Food: Strawberry ready to go shake

My Goals:
My goal way to be fit by 40. Having struggled with my weight my whole life I decided to get rid of the weight once and for all. My father died at 50 from heart disease and I know that if I didn't do something soon I was heading in the same direction

How Atkins Helped Get Me There: Having the grab and go shakes, snacks, and meal bars allowed me to have no excuses!