Low Carb Tips for Men On the Go

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June 19, 2019

Since we just celebrated Father’s Day, it seems fitting to devote this blog to all the men out there living a low carb lifestyle. Thanks to Atkins, the following men have lost weight, improved their health, boosted their energy, maximized their sports performance and embraced exercise:

John Bausch discovered Atkins with his wife after she was diagnosed with high cholesterol. Both were overweight and unhappy, and thanks to Atkins, they both lost about 80 pounds in a year.

Jonathan Clinthorne went from an overweight college student to a low carb endurance athlete thanks to a low carb diet, which inspired him to get a Ph.D. in nutrition and become Atkins’ Nutrition Communication Manager.

Scott Rees, at over 400 pounds, was diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. His doctor prescribed medication to control his insulin levels, which led to dizzy spells. Scott did some research and found that a low carb ketogenic diet, such as Atkins 20, allowed him to control his blood sugar without medication. After 18 months of following Atkins 20, Scott lost 210 pounds and has been maintaining this weight ever since.

Zach Bitter was searching for a competitive edge in his ultra-endurance events and discovered that his performance and endurance improved after switching from the typical high carb diet of an endurance athlete to a low carb lifestyle. You can take a sneak peak on how Zach stocks his low carb pantry and kitchen here.

So, how do these guys make it all work? Meal planning and prep is key, they stay active (whether it’s an ultra-endurance event or hitting the weights at the gym), and they all love a juicy steak hot off the grill and the occasional pork rind as a snack. Their stories are inspiring, and their low carb tips are useful and effective. Read on for more…

Low Carb Eating Out Tips for Men

John Bausch—I’ve found most burger places will wrap a burger with lettuce. I avoid ketchup. Chili poblanos and taco salads at Mexican restaurants are great as long as you don’t eat the taco shell. Hot wings are normally very low carb as long as they are not breaded, and most aren’t.

Jonathan Clinthorne—If I know I’m going out to eat (inevitably a few extra carbs will find their way onto my plate), I will plan my day to be a little lower in carbs so I have a little extra wiggle room at the restaurant. 

Scott Rees—You can’t go wrong with steak and salad or grilled chicken and salad. Review the menu and don’t be afraid to tell the waiter exactly what you want.

Zach Bitter—When I go out to eat, I’ll order a steak with non-starchy vegetables or a salad.

Low Carb On-the-Go Tips for Men

John Bausch—I tend to pack my lunch to save money but I often order hot wings or salad without croutons. Jimmy John’s has an amazing lettuce-wrapped sub called the Gargantuan that I treat myself to occasionally.

Jonathan Clinthorne—You can typically buy cheese, hard-boiled eggs, nuts and pork rinds at about any gas station or convenience store, and many also have small containers of guacamole or hummus (I’ll dip my pork rinds in them). I’ll then focus on getting my foundation veggies at lunch and dinner.

Scott Rees—Travel is the hardest part for me. I find the bigger problem is visiting friends and family. You know, the ones who tell you a cheat day won’t kill you. The ones that cook huge meals with all sorts of carbohydrates and sugars they know I don’t want to be around. Usually, I will go to a grocery store and stock up on Atkins frozen dinners. Between that and finding suitable options at local restaurants, I manage to get by just fine.

Zach Bitter—I have a cooler that I always keep with a fresh set of silverware and a steak knife in a side pocket. When I need to hit the road for work or training, it is easy to grab leftovers from the fridge and throw them in the cooler with some ice for a good on-the-go meal.

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