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May 5, 2022

Low Carb Mother’s Day Baking Recipes

While food is often central to any Mother’s Day celebration, sometimes what mom might want most is some quality time on this special day. You can take her out for a spa day, plan a game night with the family or indulge her green thumb planting spring flowers and plants. Or you can combine quality time with some delicious food by doing a low-carb baking project together.

3 Delicious Low Carb Desserts for Mother’s Day

Get ready to don your aprons and choose from these baking recipes, which we selected based on your comfort level with baking. If mom isn’t local, you can order the ingredients for your chosen recipe and have them delivered to her, for a flour-filled virtual baking session.

Beginning Baker

Even if you don’t bake often (or ever), this simple and easy recipe is a delightful low carb treat that will make you and mom look like you’ve been baking for years.

These “pretty in pink” cupcakes feature creamy strawberry frosting, topped by a fresh strawberry. Between prep time and baking time, these cupcakes will be done in 30 minutes. Let them cool completely before you frost them.

Aspiring Baker

You’ve tried your hand at cookies and cupcakes, so maybe it’s time to have your (keto) cake and bake it, too.

This chocolatey cake that bakes in a skillet gets its crunch from Atkins Peanut Butter Protein Cookies.

Baker Extraordinaire

You and mom may already have your own long-standing baking traditions and know your way around a rolling pin. This multi-step recipe will be a fun baking challenge culminating in a very sweet reward.

You’ll need to chill this delish dessert for 12 to 24 hours before serving. You can garnish with blueberries or other berries of your choice, and even fresh flowers.

More Low Carb Mother’s Day Desserts

If you prefer to DIY in terms of recipe choices to make with mom, you can take your pick of these low carb dessert recipes:

Low Carb Mother’s Day Dessert Recipes

Tips for a Low Carb Mother’s Day Brunch or Dinner

Whether you decide to eat in or eat out, just be sure to save room for the delicious dessert that you and mom created.

Low Carb Mother’s Day Brunch and Dinner Menus

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