Mobile Weight Loss Tracker & Carb Counter App

Counting carbs and reading nutrition labels can take up a lot of your mental energy. That’s why we designed our carb counter app and weight loss tracker to simplify the process and provide you with helpful tips.

Comprehensive Food Search helps you find nutritional info for grocery items, restaurant meals, Atkins-friendly recipes and Atkins products. Search by keyword for any of these items to track them instantly!

Upgraded Meal Tracker allows you to track your daily net carbs based on your specific Atkins Program. It also includes net carb, fat, protein, and calorie breakdowns for popular brands and restaurant dishes.

Progress Tracker follows your weight loss to date and calculates the proximity to your goal weight.

Activity Trackers allow you to sync your device and incorporate steps into your daily goals.

Program Overview and Acceptable Foods Lists help you discover all the delicious foods available to you in each phase and program.

Over 1,600 recipes – Our low carb diet apps make it easy to find and fix low carb meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Whether you need meal inspiration or just want a better way to keep your goals in mind, our tools are here to guide you. Download our weight loss tracker and carb counter app for free today by clicking below. Starting a weight loss plan just got a lot easier!

Phone showing the Carb Tracker feature from Atkins' mobile app

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