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October 2, 2015

It’s a vicious cycle for many people when it comes to carbs: the more you eat them, the more you crave them. Cookies, donuts, bread, chips and French fries, name your poison. Once you feed your craving, you’re hungry again in a couple hours. And so it begins. Unfortunately, it’s the overconsumption of these carbs that raise and drop your blood sugar levels and contribute to weight gain and an increased risk for a variety of health problems.

What causes these carb cravings? Research suggests that a drop in blood sugar stimulates hunger, and it’s natural to turn to foods high in carbs, since they are a quick energy source. Or it may have something to do with serotonin, a “feel-good” brain chemical that helps you feel less pain, anxiety and stress—it boosts your mood by helping you feel more relaxed. Some experts think that people who crave carbs have low serotonin levels. Regardless of the various theories that explain why we crave carbs, we do know that eating carbs raises insulin levels, which then lowers blood sugar. Leading to the craving for more carbs.

What can you do about these cravings? Well, it’s simple. Control the consumption of carbohydrates especially those that are high in sugar and low in fiber . Although it sounds crazy to restrict the foods you crave the most, research shows that the fewer carbs you consume (especially when you are eating high fiber carbohydrates , fat , and protein in their place), the less you will eventually crave those carbs and the more you will be able to control your hunger. What this means to you is that, if you have challenges conquering your carb cravings or just processing carbs in general, science once again shows that Atkins could be the best fit for you.

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