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Counting Calories Alone May Not Cut It

April 17, 2015

A new study from Tufts University published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition
indicates that the types of protein
and carbohydrates you eat may have a bigger effect on your weight than overall calories.
In fact, eating high-fat dairy, cheese and eggs in conjunction with vegetables
may help with weight loss.

Researchers came to
this conclusion after examining 120,000 men and women in three long-term studies
over 16 years. An increased dietary intake of red meat and processed meat in
combination with high carbohydrate consumption was linked to weight gain, while
a higher consumption of yogurt, seafood, skinless chicken and nuts was linked
to weight loss—and the more of these foods that they ate, the more weight they

The study also showed that people who ate low-fat dairy
products ate more carbs to make up for the lower calories in those low-fat
foods, while eating full-fat cheese and whole milk didn’t affect weight gain or
weight loss.

So, as it turns out, this study supports the premise that counting
calories may not be the best way to manage your weight. This is great news if
you’re on Atkins, because, as you know, calorie-counting isn’t always a necessary
component of Atkins unless you hit a plateau—instead, as this study suggests,
focusing on protein-rich foods like fish, poultry, nuts and yogurt, as well as
eggs and cheese, in combination with high-quality carbs in the form of plenty
of fresh vegetables, while avoiding refined grains, starches and sugar, may be
the ticket to weight loss and lasting weight management.

Now that is a lifestyle target anyone can follow whether you
are dieting or not.

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