Crystal Darr

Age 34
I never realized how harmful carbs were to my body until I started Atkins.

* The average person can expect to lose 1-2 lbs. per week. Results may vary. Weight loss is influenced by exercise, food consumed and diet
36 lbs lost*
Crystal Darr - after
Crystal Darr - before

My Story:

I have always been a thin person in my younger years, never had to watch my weight much, until I had my 3rd baby, then it was like everything I gained during pregnancy decided to stay on my body. I didn’t know how to diet or eat right because I never had to do it before. So learning what was good for me, etc., was almost like learning a new language to me. I tried all kinds of diets for 6 years now, I would see some progress, maybe 10 pounds or so, but then I would get frustrated and give up. When I started Atkins, there website had all the info I needed, plus it answered all my questions. It has been so helpful and I decided If i was going to change my lifestyle I had no more excuses when I had all this free info and help in front of me. So my Atkins journey began. I started losing weight immediately and seeing a huge change in my eatings, and cravings I once had. My energy went to an all time high since 6 years and I can go a full day with out feeling ran down. Each week I have lost weight. I started doing work outs after a couple of months of learning the food part and I’m losing inches as well now. I haven’t felt this good since high school and I am so much more confident now. I actually LOVE shopping for ME again. I’m not afraid to wear or try new things. I feel blessed beyond measure for my new life style changes. People ask me all the time what am I doing, and I get to share Atkins with them. I love motivating the people around me. Thanks Atkins.

My Goals:
My goals were to change the way I thought about food and my eating life style. I wanted to learn what foods were good for me and I wanted to make a change for a life time rather than for a season.

How Atkins Helped Get Me There: I loved that the Atkins website and even phone app are free. It makes this tight budget mom able to get all the food recipes needed and all the tips i need, so no excuses not to use the free information out there for me. Atkins helped me figure out what foods I need to be eating. I never realized how harmful carbs were to my body until I started Atkins. I know not all carbs are bad but I learned the difference between good and bad carbs. I also loved the fact that with Atkins and being on a high protein diet, I don't crave the sweets like I used too. I was a sweetaholic and now I can say no to sweets with out even "wishing" I could eat that ice cream or candy bars. My whole family is eating better because we cook our meals at home now. It's been a family life style change as well.