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Atkins diet used in a study that found low-carb diets improved heart health as reported in annals of internal medicine

The Best-Selling Book “The New Atkins for a New You” Takes the Low-Carb Approach Even Further to Help Dieters Reach Weight Loss Goals Read More


Atkins Nutritionals celebrates low-carb success with bestselling book

The New Atkins for a New You Has Spent 10 Weeks—and Counting—on National Bestseller Lists Read More


Atkins Nutritionals gives consumers more ways to start the year right

To kick-start the New Year—and the diet—consumers can now register to receive free nutrition bars, along with a quick-start guide and carb counter book. Read More


Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. believes study citing better feelings of well-being with a low fat diet offers key lessons on managing low carb diets

Study authors concluded that throughout a year of dieting, a low fat plan improved overall feelings of well-being versus a low carb plan. Read More


Atkins introduces six ways to shape up with tasty and convenient new products

New Snack Bars Enhance Atkins Advantage, Day Break and Endulge Product Lines Read More


Win with Atkins!

The “Win with Atkins Cuisine™” contest runs through Wednesday, September 30, 2009. Read More


Bread, pancakes and pasta on Atkins? Yes, that's right!

The new Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix can be used to create a host of delicious baked goods such as pancakes, waffles, muffins and breads. Read More


Atkins goes a deeper shade of green

Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. “Atkins” has aggressively sought to make the packaging for its popular snack bars and shakes more eco-friendly. Read More


Atkins Nutritionals participates in voluntary peanut recall

Atkins announced that none of its products were affected by the widely publicized recall of peanut butter and peanut paste. Read More

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