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Results of a two-year study published in The New England Journal of Medicine report more effective results in weight loss and cholesterol profiles in the low carbohydrate diet when compared to the low-fat diet and mediterranean diet

DENVER (July 17, 2008) – The results of a two-year study, released today in The New England Journal of Medicine, comparing a low-carbohydrate diet like the Atkins Nutritional Approach™ with Mediterranean and low-fat diets, found that low-carbohydrate diets are more effective in achieving weight loss than the other diets, and supported cardiovascular health with favorable cholesterol and cholesterol profile results.

The study compared three diets – low-carbohydrate, low-fat, and Mediterranean – and followed more than 300 overweight patients for two years. All the study participants consumed similar number of calories.

Those following the low-carbohydrate diet experienced a mean weight loss of more than 10 pounds. Their mean weight loss was 40 percent greater than those following the low-fat diet and about 7 percent greater than those following the Mediterranean diet.

This new study confirms that diets such as the Atkins Diet™ that are focused on reduced levels of carbohydrates provide a roadmap to successful weight loss and weight management with significant health benefits.

Participants following the low-carbohydrate diet consumed more protein, fat and cholesterol than the other diets, but experienced the best results comparing cholesterol ratios, and comparable improvements in health measures such as liver function and levels of cardiovascular disease. Among the low-carbohydrate participants, the reduction in the ratio of total cholesterol to HDL (good cholesterol) was significant – a relative decrease of 20 percent – and better than the other diets.

“This study adds to the growing body of evidence that Atkins continues to be on the cutting-edge of science,” notes Vice President of Education and Nutrition, Colette Heimowitz. “Individuals who are looking to lose weight successfully and develop healthy lifelong eating habits can rely on Atkins to provide them with the tools they need to achieve their goals.”

The study published in The New England Journal of Medicine was conducted by researchers at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Beer Sheva, Israel and at Brigham and Women’s Hospital’s Channing Laboratory.

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