Atkins News

11/1/21 Update

Hello Atkins Family,

You can now track food with a Quick Entry or Custom Foods!  Just open the Atkins Carb Tracker App, go to track foods – pick an eating occasion, click the ‘Add New’ button and choose either Quick Entry or Custom Foods.

  • Quick Entry is a one-time entry unless added to favorites, which you can do by clicking the box right above ‘Add to Log’.
  • Custom Food is a new food with detailed nutritional data. You’ll be required to enter the following macros: Net Carbs, Fiber, Calories, Fat and Protein.

Also – we have other updates on the way:

  • Web Profile Edit – you’ll be able to customize your profile, including: start date, start weight, goals, dietary preferences and Atkins® plan in the desktop version of the community. Currently, you can only do so via our mobile app.
  • Food Groupings – you’ll be able to bundle multiple food items for easier tracking.

We are still in the process of rolling out all the features of the new platform, however, we wanted to communicate these enhancements to you as soon as we could! We appreciate and welcome your feedback as we continue to expand and improve our offerings. We are committed to helping you succeed with Atkins and will post regular updates on our progress moving forward. Once again, THANK YOU for your patience during this exciting transition.