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10 Low Carb Substitutes, Tips, and Hacks

Low carb substitute: zucchini noodles

Finding ways to cut carbs and still enjoy an abundant variety of foods can feel daunting, but it doesn’t have to. We’ve rounded up 10 low carb hacks below to show you how. Whether you’re just getting started on Atkins, or looking to breathe new life into your longtime low carb lifestyle, these substitutes only require swapping a few easy-to-find ingredients in for carb-laden breads and pastas. 

If you’ve got a packed schedule, set a manageable goal to try one low carb hack a week. 

Low Carb Substitutes

1.    Swap spiralized zucchini or spaghetti squash in for noodles in Asian and Italian dishes.

2.    Make breads, muffins, pizza crusts, and pancakes with Atkins All Purpose Baking Mix (also available in Gluten Free).

3.    Substitute riced cauliflower for rice—our Cauliflower Risotto recipe shows you how.

4.    Use lettuce wraps in lieu of taco shells.

5.    Layer your lasagna with eggplant slices, not pasta.

6.    Whip up some “cloud bread,” a low-carb, three-ingredient recipe that’s become a popular health trend.

7.    Mash up baked cauliflower, not potatoes. This Atkins recipe makes it easy.

8.    Forget the bun, and stack your burger between two portabello mushrooms.

9.    Satisfy a french fry craving with baked butternut squash, carrot, or even turnip fries.

10.  Replace all or half your instant mac-and-cheese noodles with diced non-starchy veggies.

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