Celebrate Pi Day with Low Carb Pie: Easy Pie Recipes You'll Love

Celebrate Pi Day with Low Carb Pie: Easy Pie Recipes You’ll Love

Celebrate Pi Day this March with these low carb Pi Day recipes from Atkins! Our easy pies are perfect for a quick dinner or dessert, and since they’re low carb, you’ll be able to enjoy them guilt-free. You can use our basic Atkins Cuisine pie crust as a base for whatever pie flavor you’re craving, and make sure to try out some of our favorite Pi Day recipes below:

Sweet Pies

  • This pear tart is perfect for anyone who loves fruity desserts, since it calls for no-sugar-added apricot jam in addition to sliced pears. Almond-lovers will love this dessert too; there’s almond extract in the filling, along with slivered almonds on top!
  • Now that it’s almost springtime, frozen desserts are back in season. This frozen chocolate fudge tart is the perfect way to celebrate the warmer weather and Pi Day at once. It’s made with chocolate chips, heavy whipping cream, cocoa powder and instant coffee for an intense chocolate experience.
  • This strawberry-rhubarb pie is another pie recipe ideal for spring weather. Make it with the pie crust recipe above for an easy, fruity recipe that only requires 15 quick minutes of cooking time. With less than 10 ingredients, you’ll be making this easy pie again and again all spring and summer long.

Savory Pies

  • This crustless broccoli quiche is a tasty, cheesy way to get your vegetables. You won’t even miss the crust at all with the creamy combination of cream, eggs, cheddar and lots of flavorful spices. Try it out as a hearty, low carb breakfast.
  • Aside from salt, pepper and the Atkins Cuisine pie crust, this cheddar and green onion pie only calls for 5 basic ingredients that are probably sitting in your pantry already. It’s another great brunch recipe, or make it for a quick and cheesy dinner.
  • This Dubliner cheese tart is similar to the cheddar pie above, only slightly fancier. It uses Canadian bacon, mushrooms, mustard, garlic and scallions for meaty, hearty pie that’s perfect for dinner.

You can’t go wrong with any of these easy pies. Enjoy these low carb Pi Day recipes and have a delicious Pi Day!

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