The Program: Daily Life on Atkins

Eating Low-Carb on the Road

Do you live life on the run, commuting to work, driving kids to school and activities, rushing from one commitment to another? Or are you regularly in transit, whether by car, train or plane? If so, when hunger strikes, you’re often at the mercy of a vending machine or snack bar or airline that offers only sugary, starchy options. The trick is to never let yourself become too hungry, which could lead you to drop your defenses against unsuitable food. Here’s a four-point game plan for staying in control even when you’re far from home.

Plan Ahead

If you have to be up with the dawn to get everyone out of the house, prepare a low-carb breakfast for yourself the night before and either eat it before you go or take it with you. If you only have a couple minutes, pop a delicious Atkins frozen breakfast in the microwave. Don’t leave home empty handed or with an empty stomach.

Scout your route

Know where to find acceptable snacks or meals so that if you can’t bring something from home with you, at you least know the location of a convenience store or fast-food place along the way that has some low-carb options.

Pack right

One item will do as a snack, but if you’re putting together a meal, you’ll need to include several items. Pack each item in a separate resealable bag in an insulated carrier.

Eat properly

The following foods will keep you satisfied and able to resist temptation. Those marked with an ‡ are suitable only after Induction:
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