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Planned Update – Last chance to save Atkins History

Hello Atkins Family,

As a follow-up to our previous announcement earlier this month, we wanted to provide you with an update regarding the launch of our new Atkins® online Community and Mobile App.  We are set to go live August 25th, with an enhanced experience that we can’t wait to share with you!

With this update, we will no longer offer Atkins Points or the Atkins Choose Wisely Challenge.  But don’t fret – we’ll be back with a different gaming experience in the coming months. If your historical information from Atkins Points or the Choose Wisely Challenge is important to you, please log in BEFORE 12pm ET (midnight) tonight and save the data by cut and pasting into a personal file or taking screenshots for future reference.  Additionally – we will be transferring only the past 2 years of food, weight, measurement, water and fitness tracking data into your new account.  So, if you’d like any historical data from before August 25th, 2019, save it tonight!  

Community Forums and discussions will remain open during the downtime. However, you’ll have to click here: instead of the usual sign on page to log in.

See you tomorrow,

The Atkins Team