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Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. Launches “Choose Wisely” Campaign with Brand Spokesperson Rob Lowe

DENVER, CO – DECEMBER 18, 2018 – Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. is kicking off 2019 with a new national advertising campaign, “Choose Wisely” that will continue to focus on educating consumers about making smart choices about the foods they eat, and avoiding excess carbohydrates and sugar. The multi-marketing campaign features brand spokesperson Rob Lowe.

“We’ve seen a tremendous response working with Rob Lowe. He has served a valuable role communicating Atkins brand as a lifestyle as he has authentically eaten this way for years. The “Choose Wisely” campaign empowers consumers to make healthy choices, and to watch out for excess sugar and carbohydrates,” said Scott Parker, chief marketing officer. “While the Atkins program remains a powerful eating approach for weight loss and overall health, we continue to build momentum in expanding our target audience to lifestyle-oriented consumers that are focused on reducing their sugar intake and making smarter eating choices. Driven by this strategy, we achieved increased point of sale performance, strong retail sales growth and broadened consumer appeal.”   

The Atkins® brand offers a customizable eating approach comprised of high-fiber carbohydrates, optimal protein and healthy fats to lose and maintain weight, and for overall health. The company’s tools, including a robust online community, mobile app, menu planner, recipes and more are available to everyone free of charge. The Atkins’ portfolio of nutritional snacks and frozen meals allow consumers to have convenient, on-the-go options for those living a low carb lifestyle.

For 2019, Atkins is focused on helping people Choose Wisely with Rob Lowe providing insights about how a person can have a healthy lifestyle through reducing carbohydrates and sugar intake – without dieting. Showcasing Atkins products and Lowe’s personal experience living an Atkins lifestyle, the creative also highlights the “hidden sugar effect” – when carbohydrates impact your body like sugar when digested. You don’t see the sugar, but your body does.

“I have been living an Atkins low carb lifestyle for years. It allows me to eat great-tasting food and still feel great. It’s really pretty simple.  I want to help people understand that living a healthy life doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice great-tasting food,” said Lowe. “It’s just about making small decisions that lead to big results. I have the opportunity to help deliver that message through my work with Atkins.”

The campaign features five broadcast creative treatments:

  • “Atkins Surprised” (30-second broadcast spot)

Rob states that he’s heard people are surprised to learn that he’s been living Atkins for years. He notes that this is Today’s Atkins™, and he – along with millions of other people – are living an Atkins lifestyle and loving it. He discusses the fresh, delicious food he enjoys as part of the lifestyle, and clears up the misconception that Atkins isn’t just a “diet plan” it’s a “life plan.” Rob adds that the lifestyle doesn’t require memberships, meetings or fees – but rather just a life of eating well and feeling great.

  •  “The Secret’s Out” (48 second digital spot, 30-second broadcast spot and a 15-second broadcast spot)

Rob shares his “chocolate peanut butter secret,” saying you do not have to live Atkins like him to eat Atkins bars. He calls out the Atkins Crispy Lemon, Vanilla Pecan Crisp and Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars (his personal favorite), highlighting how they are all rich in protein and lower in Net Carbs without added sugar or “hidden sugar.” He warns that other bars can contain more than 20 grams of sugar, noting people should choose their bar wisely.

  • Atkins Products (two product focuses)

“Atkins Shakes” (15-second broadcast spot)

Rob says the chocolate milk shake is “sacred,” and talks about the new Atkins PLUS Protein & Fiber Shakes comprised of 30g of protein and 7g of fiber – a great replacement to a traditional chocolate milk shake as it greatly reduces the sugar.

“Atkins Wafers” (15-second broadcast spot)

Sharing that when he hears something tastes “light and crispy,” Rob says it usually means he will be hungry again shortly after. He states that the new Atkins Protein Wafer Crisps are “huge news,” because they are not only “light and crispy” but also “shockingly filling.” 

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