5 Low Carb Dessert Recipes for Thanksgiving

5 Low Carb Thanksgiving Dessert Recipes

Don’t miss out on your favorite holiday classics like pumpkin pie just because you’re on a low carb diet. Atkins offers a variety of Thanksgiving dessert recipes that will allow you to join in on the fun without worrying about the carbs. Browse our five favorite traditional dessert recipes for Thanksgiving below.

Low Carb Thanksgiving Desserts

1. Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust Recipe

A nutty pecan crust will make your pumpkin pie stand out. Whole-wheat pastry flour, All Purpose Low-Carb Baking Mix, pecans, and sugar substitute create a perfect low carb crust. With only 11.9 net carbs per serving, Pumpkin Pie with Pecan Crust Recipe is perfect for individuals following Atkins 20 Phase 3 and 4. 

2. Cranberry Parfait Recipe

You can’t celebrate Thanksgiving without cranberries! A cranberry parfait is a unique way to enjoy this seasonal fruit. This low carb Thanksgiving dessert recipe uses fresh or frozen cranberries, which will help you avoid added sugar in canned cranberries. This Thanksgiving dessert recipe has 1.8g net carbs per serving and is approved for those following Phases 2, 3, or 4 of the Atkins diet.

3. Classic Apple Tart Recipe

Apple pie is always delicious, but this Classic Apple Tart adds a modern twist to your Thanksgiving feast. Use the freshest apples that you can find for a more flavorful dessert. If you are currently following Phase 4 of the Atkins diet, then you can definitely indulge in this treat—it has 18.1g net carb per serving.

4. Chocolate-Ginger Cake Recipe

Chocolate is a necessity at any family gathering so this Chocolate-Ginger Cake should help to fill that dessert gap. Baking chocolate, cocoa powder, and ground ginger will give this cake an enticing sweet and spicy aroma. Anyone following Phases 2, 3, or 4 of the Atkins diet can enjoy this low carb Thanksgiving dessert recipe. Chocolate-Ginger Cake has 6.1g net carbs per serving.

5. Cinnamon-Almond Meringues Recipe

For a bite-sized delicacy, whip up these Cinnamon-Almond Meringues. The sweet flavor of almonds and the warm aroma of cinnamon help to create this delightful dessert, which is approved for all Atkins Phases and has 2.3g net carbs per serving.

Enjoy Thanksgiving this year with these Thanksgiving dessert recipes that will fit easily into your low carb diet. For more ideas browse our 5 Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving

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