The Program: Phase 3

What You Can Eat in this Phase

You should be saying “Wow.” And if you’re not, we’ll say it for you. Wow, you’ve made it to Phase 3 and you know what that means – you’ve almost reached your goal. Now it’s time to slow your weight loss and find your personal carb balance or ACE, Atkins Carbohydrate Equilibrium. And we have a great way to do it – more variety. Pair these low-carb fruits and low-carb vegetables and some whole grains with the Acceptable low-carb Foods lists from Phase 1 and 2 for your total variety eating plan.

In Pre-Maintenance, you add 10 daily Net Carbs per week – The Power of 10 makes it easy. These low-carb foods, in these portion sizes, all equal about 10 grams of Net Carbs – remember, total carbs minus fiber.

Have fun. We know you will.

The Power of 10

Starchy Vegetables* Serving Size Net Carbs
Acorn Squash (baked) ½ cup 7.8
Carrots 1 medium 5.6
Potato (baked) ½ potato 10.5
Yams ½ cooked 16.1

Legumes* Serving Size Net Carbs
Black Beans ½ cup 12.9
Chickpeas  1/4 cup 6.5
Great Northern Beans 1/4 cup 6.3
Kidney Beans 1/4 cup 5.8
Lentils ½ cup 12.0
Lima Beans ½ cup 14.2
Navy Beans ½ cup 18.1
Pinto Beans ½ cup 14.6

Fruit Serving Size Net Carbs
Apple ½ of whole 8.7
Banana 1 small 21.2
Cherries ¼ cup 4.2
Grapefruit (red) ½ of whole 7.9
Grapes (red) 1/2 cup 13.4
Guava 1/2 cup 5.3
Kiwi 1 8.7
Mango 1/2 cup 12.5
Peach 1 small 7.2
Plum 1 small 3.3
Watermelon ½ cup 5.2

Grains* Serving Size Net Carbs
Oatmeal (rolled)  1/3 cup 19.0
Oatmeal (steel cut) 1/4 cup 19.0
Rice (brown) 1/2 cup 20.5

* All figures reflect if the vegetable, legume, or grain is cooked.

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