The Program: Overview

Millions of people around the world have lost weight with the Atkins Diet. It’s quite simple, actually. When you control your carb intake, you burn fat. Here are some other reasons why you will love the Atkins Diet:
  • You’ll see results quickly. Even after just a few days, your clothes will fit better!
  • You’re never hungry. In fact, you’re eating every two to three hours.
  • You don’t have to exercise. While it’s a good idea to exercise for other reasons, on Atkins you can still lose weight without exercise.
  • As you approach your weight loss goals, you'll add more fruits, starchy veggies, and whole grains.
  • It’s easy to stick with the Atkins weight loss program. This is a delicious and satisfying way of eating you can live with.
* Results will vary as actual weight-loss
varies by individual.
  • With The New Atkins for a New You Cookbook: 200 Simple and Delicious Low-Carb Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less, eating the Atkins way becomes even simpler
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Disclaimer: Nothing contained on this Site is intended to provide health care advice. Should you have any health care-related questions, please call or see your physician or other health care provider. Consult your physician or health care provider before beginning the Atkins Diet as you would any other weight loss or weight maintenance program. The weight loss phases of the Atkins Diet should not be used by persons on dialysis or by pregnant or nursing women.