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The Ultimate Low Carb Winter Produce List

Squash, turnips and even more winter produce

Our Low Carb Winter Product List Cures Your Winter Blues

The bright colors and fresh textures of seasonal produce add great variety to any diet. Winter produce can seem scant, however, so we’ve rounded up the best low carb options in one winter produce list perfect for Atkins dieters.

The list below contains only veggies that are part of our Foundation Vegetables, safe for all phases of Atkins 20 as well as Atkins 40. Go ahead and start savoring the best of the season.

Chicory, Endive, Escarole and Radicchio
Net Carbs: 0.1-0.7g per ½ cup serving (raw)
Recipe Ideas: Toss these slightly bitter greens into a fresh salad, like in our radicchio, gorgonzola, and bacon recipe.

Turnips and Turnip Greens
Net Carbs: 0.6-2.4g per ½ cup serving (cooked)
Recipe Ideas: Layered turnips with cheese and bacon reminds us of lasagna, only tastier and with fewer carbs.

Broccoli and Cauliflower
Net Carbs: 1.7-1.8g per ½ cup serving (cooked)
Recipe Ideas: Did you know you can make a low carb version of buffalo wings featuring cauliflower? Our recipe and video teach you how.

Brussels Sprouts
Net Carbs: 3.5g per ½ cup serving (cooked)
Recipe Ideas: We love brussels sprouts so much we had to pick four recipes, including one with bacon and parmesan.

Spaghetti Squash
Net Carbs: 4g per ½ cup serving (cooked)
Recipe Ideas: Pasta lovers, rejoice! Spaghetti squash is every bit as good as your favorite pasta dish when made with olives and sundried tomatoes.

The tasty winter fruits below are also safe for dieters in Phases 3 or 4 or on Atkins 40:

Net Carbs: 6.4g per ½ cup serving
Recipes: Try our pomegranate, parsley, and pecan salad recipe; while you’re at it, read our article fortips on how to open a pomegranate.

Net Carbs: 7.6g per 1 fruit
Recipe: Substitute clementine for orange in this relish recipe, which also features cranberry and walnuts.

Net Carbs: 8.9g per ½ fruit
Recipes: We love the sophisticated interplay of sweet grapefruit with bitter onion and baby greens in this salad recipe.

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