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Ideas for Healthy Game Day Recipes & Low Carb Appetizers

Football season is the ideal time to get in the kitchen and try out new recipes. For many football fans, the game day grub is almost as important as the game itself! It can be easy to eat more than you intend when you’re watching the game and snacks abound, so having a spread of healthy football recipes is a smart way to keep your diet on track.

Worried chicken wings and pizza are off-limits? Great news: Low carb, healthy game day recipes are delicious and are perfect for guilt-free snacking. Use the following easy ideas for low carb appetizers to get inspired this football season:

  • Chicken wings are a traditional football snack that doesn’t have to be bad for you. Skip the deep fryer and bake your wings in the oven for spicy low carb appetizers with a kick. Serve your wings with a delicious dipping sauce to cool down your mouth.
  • Making homemade pizza instead of ordering delivery makes it easier to control your carb intake. For low carb pizza appetizers, try using mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, with toppings of Portobello mushrooms, zucchini circles or even pepperoni, and use low carb flour or crushed cauliflower for a crust.
  • Craving tacos? Consider switching out tortillas for lettuce cups. Lettuce is a healthier, low carb way to enjoy your favorite taco or sandwich fillings, and you’ll still be able to eat with your hands.
  • Hummus or guacamole are addicting but good-for-you dips that your guests will go crazy for. Hummus is made from chickpeas and olive oil for lots of protein and good, healthy fats and guacamole uses avocados as the base which are also full of healthy unsaturated fat, vitamin K and potassium. Eat dips with sliced veggies instead of pita bread or tortilla chips for fewer carbs.
  • Chili made with lean ground beef, turkey or chicken is a delicious low carb meal perfect for serving a crowd. Heat up a big batch and keep it warm in a slow cooker throughout the game. Set out toppings like cheese, jalapenos and substitute Greek yogurt for sour cream so everyone can top his or her own bowl.
  • Eggs aren’t just for breakfast; they can be great in healthy football recipes, too! Make deviled eggs for a simple and tasty low carb appetizer. Because they’re bite-size and easy to grab, they make a great addition to any appetizer table.

There are dozens of low carb appetizers out there that are perfect for football season. Try out some of the ideas above, and see what other low carb, healthy football recipes you can come up with this fall!

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