Valentine’s Day Gifts and Low Carb Desserts

It’s Time to #LoveYourself with Valentine’s Day Gifts and Low Carb Desserts

Love yourself this Valentine’s Day

It’s Time to #LoveYourself with Valentine’s Day Gifts and Low Carb Desserts

Valentine’s Day is all about giving and receiving love in many forms, but the most important love in your low carb journey is to #LoveYourself. From Valentine’s Day gifts to low carb desserts, here are some ideas on how to treat yourself the way you deserve on February 14th.

Make Your Own Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

This classic Valentine’s delight is the perfect low carb dessert. Not only does it make a great sweet treat, but you’ll have plenty to share with family and friends! Our Endulgent Chocolate-Covered Strawberries are easy to make, and each serving contains 0.4g protein, 3.1g fat, 1.1g fiber, 44 calories, and 1.3g net carbs.

Take Time for Spa Time

Give yourself the Valentine’s Day gift of relaxation by scheduling a luxurious treatment at a nearby spa center or health facility. Don’t have the time? Bring the spa home and pick up some feel-good home remedies from your local drugstore or bath and body shop.

Skip the Line at the Coffee Shop

Perk up your inner barista brain with a Coffee Frappé, or cool down and caffeine-up with an Iced Chai Tea. Enjoy your low carb café beverage and relax from the comfort of your own home, or better yet, invite over a friend or two and catch up while sipping on these delicious drinks.

Indulge in Low Carb Valentine’s Day Candy

You don’t need heart-shaped boxes of candy when you can satisfy your sweet tooth with Atkins Treats. From Milk Chocolate Caramel Squares to Peanut Butter Cups, take your pick from a large selection of pre-portioned low carb desserts that are small on sugar and big on rich, chocolatey flavor.

Express Yourself in a New Way

Give yourself the most precious gift of all: time. We often stop ourselves from trying something new because of busy schedules, but today is the day to commit to expressing yourself in a new, fun way. Take up a special art project, write poetry, go shopping for a trendy magazine-inspired outfit, try yoga for the first time, or even look for local volunteer opportunities. The more new things you try, the more you learn about yourself and #LoveYourself.

Give these ideas a shot and share your #LoveYourself pictures with us on Instagram (@atkinsnutritionals). Plus, click here for more indulgent low carb dessert recipes to match your current Atkins Phase.

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