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Low Carb Summertime Drink Recipes

June 8, 2023

Keep it cool, fresh and fruity with these low carb, thirst-quenching drink recipes. You can liven up warm-weather gatherings with easy, make-ahead drinks that can be poured from a pretty pitcher or ladled from a punch bowl. Low Carb Summer Mixology You’ll be the low carb mixology master with these low carb drink recipes: Low

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Food and Mood: Is There a Connection?

May 18, 2023

Learn how what you eat can impact how you feel. Have you ever noticed that after eating food high in sugar, while it seems delicious and tempting at the time, shortly after, you’re experiencing an energy slump and cravings for more? This is because the food you eat can affect your mood and emotional state

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Mother’s Day Low Carb Recipe Roundup

May 11, 2023

This Mother’s Day, show the love, not the carbs. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, there’s no better way to show your love and appreciation for her than by respecting her low carb diet. There are plenty of delicious, low carb dishes that fit the bill, whether she’s craving brunch, dinner or a picnic. New Low

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Low Carb Cinco de Mayo Recipe Roundup

May 5, 2023

Margs, tacos, tostadas and more! If you plan on celebrating Cinco de Mayo but worry about the Cinco “carbs” that may creep on you, fear not. With these recipes and tips, your fiesta can be delicious and low carb. How to Make Your Cinco de Mayo Low Carb Eating out? Try these tips for lightening

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24 Low Carb Recipes for Managing Blood Sugar Naturally

April 27, 2023

Manage your blood sugar with these delicious low carb recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks. The food you eat on a low carb diet—fiber, protein and healthy fats—work together to help naturally manage your blood sugar. These nutrient-dense, whole foods nourish your body and help keep your blood sugar in check while also

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Low Carb Meals for Your Budget: Tofu

April 20, 2023

Tofu is a budget-friendly plant-based source of protein that complements your low carb lifestyle. Tofu is believed to have been invented in China over two thousand years ago. It is made when soybeans are processed into soy milk, then pressed into a solid. It is less expensive than meat and is a versatile plant-based protein

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12 Tips for Managing Blood Sugar Naturally

April 13, 2023

Blood sugar management and Atkins’ low carb lifestyle go hand in hand. Daily blood sugar management is important for everyone and not just something people with prediabetes or type-2 diabetes should focus on. Daily blood sugar management may have powerful benefits if you want to increase your energy, improve your mood and manage your weight.

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Low Carb Easter Dinner Recipes

April 6, 2023

Celebrate Easter and spring with a delicious dinner. Ham and Easter go together like Easter and Easter eggs. Even better, ham is naturally low in carbs. These new ham recipes can be the star of your Easter dinner, plus you’ll love the colorful rainbow carrot salad that celebrates spring. And don’t forget to leave room

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The Power of Tea

March 30, 2023

Atkins spills the tea on all the health benefits of this popular beverage. More than half the American population drinks tea every day, and it is the most widely consumed beverage in the world, next to water. Unsweetened tea contains virtually zero calories and does not have sodium, fat, carbonation or sugar. This makes tea

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Atkins’ Low Carb Spring Refresh

March 23, 2023

Spring is in the air with these low carb tips and recipes Spring is a time of renewal and fresh starts. Keep reading for our low carb guide to everything spring. 5 Tips for a Spring Low Carb Refresh Let’s get started with these spring refresh tips: This is the time  to give get your

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