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Throw a Low-Carb Memorial Day Bash: Delicious tips for a summer of low-carb entertaining

Traditionally, Memorial Day is the kick-off to a summer season of outdoor entertaining. And just because you are on Atkins does not mean you have to miss out on a single moment (or bite). We’ll show you how to throw a fabulous low-carb Memorial Day feast that everyone will enjoy—even if your guests aren’t controlling their carbs, you will be giving them a delicious taste of your new, healthy lifestyle. Even better, you can use these helpful tips all summer long.

Plan the entrée
This will be your main protein source and the star of the soiree. If you are feeding a crowd, it can be as simple as hamburgers and hot dogs (or bratwurst). Make sure you have plenty of fresh romaine leaves to turn any hamburger or hot dog into a low-carb wrap without the bun. If your gathering is more intimate, try grilled salmon, steaks, shrimp or chicken.

And on the side…
Skip the starchy side dishes and make two vegetable dishes. Focus on vegetables that are in season. For example, you could make a grilled asparagus dish and a large colorful salad packed with veggies, topped with rich cheese and drizzled with a homemade salad dressing.

Easy appetizers

Start with an antipasto platter with meats, cheeses and olives and a veggie tray with sour cream dip. Other delicious low-carb options include shrimp cocktail with a zesty cocktail sauce, deviled eggs or grilled artichokes.

Flavor with fats

You can enjoy a variety of healthy fats on Atkins; they provide satiety and make food rich and flavorful. Serve a rich Hollandaise sauce with your grilled asparagus, dip grilled artichoke leaves into melted butter or aioli or drizzle your grilled steak or salmon with herbed butter.

Don’t forget drinks

You can stock your cooler with low-carb beer or “white liquors” such as vodka, gin and rum, which can be mixed with sparkling mixers such as flavored sugar-free sodas or diet tonic water. You could also keep it simple by making one special Atkins-friendly drink, like a white wine sangria. Be sure to have nonalcoholic options for any of your guests who are in the Induction phase of Atkins or would prefer not to drink alcohol. Make sure to have plenty of water on hand to keep your guests hydrated; have a few pretty pitchers full of ice water with lime or lemon slices.

The Grand Finale. Even on a low-carb diet, as long as you eliminate the unhealthy carbs and sugary processed foods, you and your guests can still enjoy many gourmet dessert options. You can start with a beautiful cheese and nut platter, or parfaits, flan, mini-cheesecakes, fruit kabobs or fresh berries and cream.

Follow these tips and you have the perfect plan for a successful Memorial Day bash, big or small. Be sure to check out the Recipes section on or Atkins®: Eat Right, Not Less Your Guidebook to Living a Low-Carb and Low-Sugar Lifestyle for plenty of delicious low-carb appetizer, entree, side dish and dessert recipes. 

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