Fall Apple Picking Tips

Have the Best Fall Ever (and Stay Low Carb) with These Apple Picking Tips

The only thing more quintessentially fall than a juicy red apple is picking that apple yourself straight from the tree. We’ve rounded up a list of apple picking tips below so you can make the most of the season’s bounty. October is National Apple Month, and with more than 7,500 apple varieties[1] in existence, it’s time to get picking!

Plan Your Trip

1. The first decision to make is where to go apple picking. In addition to travel time from your home, consider what other attractions are on the way, what types of apples the orchard grows, and whether they are organic.[2]

2. Many orchards have cafe areas, but low carb menu options can be limited. Why not pack a meal and enjoy a picnic, with one of your apples as dessert? If you’re in a rush, try one of these low carb fast food options.

3. Wear comfortable clothes, paying special attention to footwear since you’ll be standing and walking most of the day. Also plan for a variety of weather conditions: wear sunscreen and pack a rain jacket just in case.

How to Apple Pick

1. Apples ripen from the outside of the tree toward the center, so the earlier in the season you arrive, the closer to the edges you’ll want to pick.[3]

2. Never shake the tree: apples that fall will bruise,[4] which accelerates spoiling. Plus, any apples you leave on the ground just go to waste.[5]

3. Many orchards grow dwarf trees so you can pick by hand. In these cases, grab the apple, roll it upwards, and twist it off.[6] For taller trees, use an apple picker, which the orchard will provide, to clamp around the stem and pull gently down.[7]

How to Enjoy Your Apples

1. Store your apples in a cool, dark place, such as a cellar or refrigerator drawer. Avoid washing them until you’re ready to eat. This helps reduce the chance of spoilage.

2. A typical apple contains 15.8 grams net carbs, so be mindful when eating them. If you really want to indulge, then plan ahead and limit carbs at other meals.

3. Speaking of indulging, why not try a low carb apple pie recipe? This apple tart variation from Atkins uses sucralose to limit net carbs to 18.1 per serving. Jonathan, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith are considered some of the best apples for baking.[8]

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