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Your Personal Carb Balance in Greater Detail

Your personal carb balance is your own very personal carbohydrate threshold. It's the number of Net Carbs you can eat each day to meet either your weight loss or weight maintenance goals.

Your personal carb balance is influenced by age, gender, physical activity, hormonal issues, medication and other factors – all of which can raise or lower your metabolic resistance (how resistant your body is to burning fat). For your reference, here's a chart representing metabolic resistance and the resulting personal carb balance range:

If your range* is:Your Metabolic Resistance is:What it means:
Between 20-40 grams of Net Carbs per dayVery HighYour body is very resistant to losing weight
Between 40-60 grams of Net Carbs per dayHighYour body is fairly resistant to losing weight
Between 60-90 grams of Net Carbs per dayAverageYour body is slightly resistant to losing weight
Between 90 - 120 grams of Net Carbs per dayLowYour body is efficient at losing weight

*Raising your activity/exercise increases your personal carb balance range.

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