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Sticking to Your Diet: Eating Healthy on Special Occasions

There is often an abundance of unhealthy goodies at birthday parties and other special occasions that can be tempting to anyone trying to watch what they eat. But sticking to a diet doesn’t have to be difficult; it’s entirely possible to follow a healthy eating plan while still indulging in a small treat on special occasions. Learn how to indulge without going overboard with these easy special occasion eating tips from Atkins: 

  • When you’re filling up your plate, opt for veggies or berries before you reach for the carbs or desserts. The more healthy things you have on your plate, the less room you’ll have for unhealthy dishes.
  • Eat a healthy snack like plain Greek yogurt and berries before you leave so you’re not starving when you arrive. When you’re not as hungry, you’ll be less likely to overeat.
  • Before you start filling up your plate, take a look at all of your options. This way you can prioritize what foods you want to try instead of just trying things as you see them.
  • Don’t stand next to the food table at a party; the chances of you going back for seconds and thirds will be much higher. Get your food, then walk away and socialize so food isn’t the first thing on your mind.
  • Another easy trick to limit your portion sizes is to grab a small appetizer plate instead of a dinner sized one. This way when you fill it up with food, you’ll likely be eating less than you would have with a larger plate.
  • Keep drinking water throughout the party. It will keep you full for zero calories, which will make you less likely to go overboard on food.
  • If you’re dying to try a bite of birthday cake, find a friend to have it and take a bite. You’ll satisfy your craving without overloading on unnecessary sugar and calories.

As long as you remember these easy eating tips and are mindful of what foods you’re choosing, sticking to a diet plan will be an easy goal to accomplish.

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