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Simple Gluten Free Tips: Substitutes for Bread & More

Dieting isn’t always easy, especially when you’re doing something stricter like being gluten free. While the Atkins program can get you started towards a gluten free lifestyle, going gluten free cuts many other things out of your diet as well.

When you’re starting anything new, having some tips and pointers can make things easier. So, here are some gluten free tips to help you make a healthy change in your lifestyle:

Read labels

Unless a product is specifically labeled gluten free, don’t assume that it is, especially when it comes to things you think would be gluten free. When you’re beginning a gluten free diet, make sure you read labels so you’re certain what you’re buying doesn’t contain gluten. This seems intuitive, but gluten may be in more things than you realize.

Other whole grains

Everyone goes through a bit of a grieving process when they start a diet and have to give up some of their favorite foods. Luckily, there are usually substitutes available. Most corn, brown rice and quinoa are whole grains that can be used as substitutes for grains that contain gluten. There are also many packaged gluten free baking mixes, so try some to find your favorite. Many of these other grains can be effectively used as substitutes for bread.

Plain corn – the kind you eat right off the cob – is always gluten-free. Just be cognizant with foods that use corn meal. Unfortunately, most recipes for “corn muffins” include more wheat flour than corn meal. Unless they specify that they are gluten free, read the label to be sure that it is.

Bread substitutes

Bread is high in carbs and normally contains gluten, so it can be difficult to give up whether you’re going gluten free or are on the Atkins diet. There are many things that can be used as substitutes for bread like Portobello mushrooms, lettuce wraps, eggplant slices and other wraps.

Get a gluten free app

Apps are designed to make life a little easier and there is an app for everything, so download an app that helps with a gluten free diet and start using it. There are several to choose from, so read some reviews or try a couple out to find the right one for you.


If you’re going gluten free because you have Celiac Disease, make sure you’re paying attention to what your food touches. Being in a kitchen and around other foods and ingredients, it can be easy for your plate, fork or food to come in contact with gluten, so keep a watchful eye.

Get a cook book

Sticking to a diet is easier when you’re following a recipe and have planned meals. Find a gluten free cookbook that has recipes you know you’ll enjoy and use it to help plan your meals.

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