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How to Stick to Your Weight Loss Resolution

A new year, a new you. Congratulations on setting a resolution to slim down and shape up on the Atkins diet! A healthier you is just around the corner. To help you reach your goal, here are some tips on how to stay motivated to lose weight.

Familiarize yourself with the Atkins plan. Take some time to understand how the Atkins diet works. In Phase 1 of the Atkins diet, your body will switch from burning carbs to burning fat, which can help jumpstart weight loss. Read through this list of foods permitted during Phase 1 and head to the grocery store.

If you have less than 40 lbs. to lose or you need more variety to stay focused you can start in Atkins 40 program. Check out the Atkins 40 Acceptable Food list here.

You can also browse our recipe database for cooking inspiration. For quick information, brush up on frequently asked questions.

Set goals. Write down a specific weight loss goal and create a healthy and realistic timeline for achieving it. Taking time to visualize your healthier self can help keep you motivated. Imagine how it will feel when you’re at your ideal weight.

Track your success. Establish a routine, be it twice-a-month or weekly, to celebrate your success. You can track your progress by weighing yourself, measuring yourself, or simply taking a photo in front of a mirror. When you start to see how far you’ve come, it’ll be easier to stay motivated.

Drink plenty of water. Sometimes, your body can confuse thirst for hunger. Stay hydrated with eight 8-oz glasses of water per day. Other Atkins Phase 1-approved liquids include decaffeinated or regular coffee and tea, club soda, or unflavored soy or almond milk, among others.

Don’t go hungry. Atkins has tons of delicious bars and shakes to keep you sated between meals. Plus, you don’t have to completely cut out your favorite treats on the Atkins diet. Reach for Atkins Chocolate Candies or Atkins Nutty Fudge Brownie when your sweet tooth kicks in.

Stay active. You can encourage healthy weight loss by increasing your activity level. Take a nightly 30-minute walk around your neighborhood and take the stairs at work rather than riding the elevator. Try a dance fitness class or go for a swim at the indoor pool. When you find an exercise activity you enjoy, stick with it. And remember, small changes can add up.

Celebrate small accomplishments. When you make progress, reward yourself however you like—with a massage, a long bubble bath, or a haircut that will make you feel great. Be sure to invite your immediate family and friends to celebrate your victories too.

Find your community. Join the Community Discussions to share your weight loss trials and triumphs. It helps to chat with like-minded peers going through the same lifestyle changes.

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