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Easy Ways to Stay Healthy: Enjoy Atkins’ 6 New Low Carb Frozen Meals!

Staying healthy on a busy schedule can be tricky, especially during the hectic holiday season. When your to-do list never seems to turn into a to-done list it can be easier to head to the drive-thru instead of the grocery store and skip the gym in favor of a night on the couch.

In addition to getting expensive quickly, regularly giving into your takeout convenience can also make it tempting to stray from a low carb diet. Atkins offers several varieties of low carb frozen meals that are perfect when you’re short on time and energy. The next time you don’t have time to make a meal from scratch, simply open your freezer instead of your wallet!

Dieting on a busy schedule calls for quick and simple ways to stay healthy. When you reach for flavorful low carb frozen dinners, lunches or breakfasts, you’re choosing healthy and delicious ways to keep your low carb diet on track at any time of day. Healthy low carb frozen meals are timesaving, easy ways for on-the-go low carb dieters to stay full and fuel their bodies all day long, and Atkins has plenty to choose from.

Atkins’ variety of low carb frozen meals ranges from breakfast scrambles to pasta bakes that are both flavorful and satisfying. Favorites like savory sesame chicken or chicken and broccoli alfredomake the perfect work lunch or dinner, and our six new flavors will add even more variety to your healthy frozen meal rotation.

For breakfast, try a bacon scramble with cheddar cheese, eggs and bacon, or a steak scramble with green peppers, lean beef strips, mushrooms and cheese. Creamy Swedish meatballs or garlicky shrimp scampi are perfect low carb comfort food options to enjoy without the guilt, and our Mexican-style chicken and vegetables and sweet orange chicken are perfect substitutes for takeout high in carbs, trans fat or MSG.

So the next time you’re running on a tight schedule, pick up one of Atkins’ new low carb frozen meals for a healthy dish that tastes homemade.

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