Declare Your Independence from Carbs! Say no to processed carbs and embrace this season’s freshest veggies | Atkins

Declare Your Independence from Carbs! Say no to processed carbs and embrace this season’s freshest veggies

Do you constantly crave cupcakes, bread, chips and French fries? The next time you reach for one of these carb-filled items, remember that empty carbs like these raise and drop your blood sugar levels and contribute to the extra pounds you are trying so hard to lose. With Independence Day coming up, what better time than now to declare your independence from carbs?

Following the Atkins way of eating and finding your personal carb balance will help you transform your body by:

  • Burning your built-up reserves of fat for fuel, instead of carbs
  • Eliminating spikes and slumps in your blood sugar
  • Losing weight, and keeping it off

There are countless real-life testimonials here at to support the benefits of consuming fewer carbs and now there’s new science that backs this. In a recent study in the journal of Obesity, 270 obese men and women were assigned to a low-carb or low-fat diet for two years. During this time, the researchers measured the participants’ cravings for specific types of foods (sweets, high-fat, fast food and carbs), preferences for high-sugar, high-carb foods or low-carb/high-protein foods and appetite levels. According to the researchers, the low-carb diet group had significant decreases in cravings for carbs and preferences for high-carb and high-sugar foods. This group was also less hungry than the low-fat diet group.

It may sound crazy to restrict the foods you crave the most. One would assume that not having something would increase your yearning for it. However, this study shows that the fewer carbs you consume (especially when you are consuming fat and protein in their place), the less you will eventually crave those carbs and the more you will be able to control your hunger. What this means to you is that, if you have challenges conquering your carb cravings or have a hard time just processing carbs in general, Atkins could be the best fit for you.

The majority of the carbs you consume on Atkins consists of fiber-rich vegetables and selected whole grains. Summer is the perfect time to enjoy all varieties of fresh vegetables. This your chance to embrace your independence over those processed carbs you used to eat, and savor all these new, delicious, fresh choices. Here’s how:

Change is good. Explore your local farmer’s market and take advantage of all that it has to offer. Build your meals around this season’s freshest offerings.

Keep them close.
Stock up on “snackable” veggies such as carrots, celery, baby tomatoes and more. Wash them as soon as you get home and store in clear glass or plastic containers in your fridge so they are the first things you see when you want a snack.

Dip it in. Keep a variety of Atkins-friendly dips on hand so that you always have a tasty sidekick for your veggies. Some favorites include Garlic Ranch Dressing, Sesame-Tofu Dip and Raita.

Fill ‘em up. Even during Induction, you can have about 6 cups of loosely packed salad greens and up to two cups of cooked vegetables per day (depending on the carb counts of certain vegetables). Pack your omelets with spinach leaves, mushrooms, tomatoes and fresh cilantro. Use romaine lettuce leaves instead of a bun, bread or tortilla for hamburgers, sandwiches or wraps. Throw fresh herbs like mint, basil and cilantro into salads for more flavor. The options are endless!

Get them on the grill.
Summer is the perfect time for outdoor cooking. And you can make your whole meal on the grill. While you’re grilling your hamburgers, steaks, chicken or fish, sprinkle your choice of leeks, asparagus, squash, bell peppers, zucchini, red onions or eggplant with salt and pepper and olive oil and grill until tender. The perfect summer meal!

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