Changing Your Eating Style | Atkins

Changing Your Eating Style

  • The typical American way of eating is grossly mismatched to the normal human metabolism.
  • Most obesity is the result of metabolic disturbances, resulting from long-term inappropriate food choices, not the over-consumption of fat. 
  • Studies consistently show that sugar, refined white flour, starchy carbohydrates and junk foods are bad for your health, your energy level, your mental state and your figure. 
  •  By drastically increasing the intake of carbohydrate, the American diet has changed dramatically in the past 60 years. 
  •  Low-fat diets are, in effect, high-carbohydrate diets, which bring on the very problems that they were intended to prevent. 
  •  It is not true that the only way to lose weight is to limit your intake of calories. 
  •  Protein and fat, both essential to the human body, and controlled quantities of nutrient-dense carbohydrates, primarily in the form of vegetables, form the basis of the Atkins Nutritional Approach™. 
  •  In the past 20 years the incidence of lifestyle-related diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease has increased by leaps and bounds. 
  •  When you control carbohydrate consumption sufficiently, your body will switch from burning glucose, derived from carbohydrate, to burning primarily fat for energy. 
  •  You burn more calories when your body is operating on a fat metabolism.
  •  By following Atkins you will control your weight, achieve good health and help prevent disease. 
  • Atkins has repeatedly been proven to take off more fat than other weight-loss programs when an equal number of calories are consumed. 

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