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The Low Carb Grill-Out: National Burger Day Recipes

It’s time to kick off summer fun by firing up the grill with delicious low carb burgers. Whether you’re celebrating National Burger Day on May 28 or planning a Memorial Day picnic , protein-packed burgers are on this weekend’s menu. Just because you’re working to reach your #HappyWeight… Read More

7 Low Carb Salads to Try This Week

Everyone knows that low carb salads are a great way to help reach your #HappyWeight, but sometimes salad doesn’t always get the love it deserves. In honor of National Salad Month, we’re here to debunk the “boring salad” myth and get you excited about delicious, healthy salad ideas.… Read More

Spring Produce Guide: Our Top 5 Seasonal Vegetables with Recipes

This spring, take advantage of the abundance of fresh, seasonal vegetables available. Whether you’re a grocery goddess or farmer’s market fiend, now is the time to load up on fresh produce. Here are our top picks along with some inspiration for seasonal dishes. 1. Radishes Radishes come in a… Read More

Spinach Recipe Ideas for Any Time of Day

This March, there are plenty of reasons to bring on the green--it’s National Nutrition Month and March 26th is National Spinach Day. Spinach is not only low in carbs and calories, but also a great source of iron, fiber, protein, calcium, antioxidants, and vitamins A, C, and K. When… Read More

6 Lucky Low Carb Recipes for St. Patrick's Day

March 17th marks St. Patrick’s Day, a time to celebrate Irish heritage, dance, and food. There are plenty of ways to enjoy the holiday while thinking low carb. Here are 6 St. Patrick’s Day recipes to make this March the luckiest month yet. 1. Corned Beef and Cabbage What�… Read More

How to Sleep Better: 6 Things You Can Start Today

While on the path to achieving your #HappyWeight goals, it’s completely normal to try new ideas on how to sleep better. After all, getting adequate sleep each night is vital to not only your day-to-day productivity, but also your overall health. With World Sleep Day coming up on March 1… Read More

The Ultimate Low Carb Winter Produce List

Our Low Carb Winter Product List Cures Your Winter Blues The bright colors and fresh textures of seasonal produce add great variety to any diet. Winter produce can seem scant, however, so we’ve rounded up the best low carb options in one winter produce list perfect for Atkins… Read More

5 New Year’s Resolution Ideas for a Healthy Lifestyle

Though hitting your happy weight is an important goal, weight loss isn’t the only healthy New Year’s resolution you can set. For inspiration, read our list of five New Year’s resolution ideas to lead a healthy lifestyle. Try These Healthy New Year’s Resolutions 1. Stick to a… Read More

Low Carb Latkes and Other Atkins Hanukkah Recipes

From latkes to noodle kugel to challah, Hanukkah presents a feast of delicious foods—many of them high in carbs. However, if you’re an Atkins dieter, don’t worry. Our recipe library has a number of options, including low carb latkes. We’ve rounded up four of our… Read More

Atkins Holiday Survival Guide: 20 Diet Tips for Staying Healthy

Healthy holiday eating is simpler than it sounds. All it takes is some common sense tips and a few low carb holiday recipes to help you stay on track with your Atkins plan despite all the cookies, cocktails, and other temptations this time of year. If you’re feeling overwhelmed… Read More

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