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Are You Ready for Some Holiday Stress Relief?

December 1, 2016

This final stretch during the holidays often feels like a marathon of gift-buying, parties, potlucks, planning menus, preparing for guests or getting ready to travel, plus all the normal life stuff such as work, groceries and laundry. I am definitely in need of some stress relief at this point, so I am trying to do the following things:

Stick with my low-carb routine. I am still planning my low-carb meals and snacks, just like I would at any other time of the year. This helps me stay on track and keep my hunger under control when there are so many yummy goodies everywhere I turn.

Work off my stress. Exercise is such a great form of stress relief; an hour of Pilates or spin helps me keep everything in perspective and makes me feel great.

Have a giggle. A good laugh makes everything better! Just tickling my kids and hearing them giggle brings a smile to my face, or watching a funny video or show.

Have a dance party. I like to get in the holiday spirit by taking a couple minutes to have a quick dance party with my kids, plus we all break a sweat! We blast out Christmas carols or some of our favorite music.

Alternate between “to do” lists and “for me” lists. For every few tasks I mark off my “to do” list, I make sure to do something from my “for me” list. It can be as simple as taking a break to have coffee with a friend, squeezing in a nap or scheduling a mid-week date night with my husband.

DIY gifts. My kids and I have started the tradition of making a few small homemade gifts for their teachers and our friends and family. It did take longer than just buying a gift online or at the mall, but we had a great time doing it together, and it made the gifts that much more meaningful since we made them ourselves.

Say yes to less. It’s not always easy to do this, but I try whenever possible. We might turn down an invitation to a holiday party so we can stay home with the kids for a family night. Or I’ll skip cooking after a hectic day and order in—I’ve discovered some go-to low-carb options that taste great!

 I wish you the happiest and healthiest of holidays this year!

DIY Low-Carb Holiday Treats and Gifts

Do you want to create a few homemade gifts of your own to hand-deliver to the special people in your life? I’ve discovered these low-carb recipes, which are so sweet and tasty, you might want to save a few for yourself!

 Holiday Cookies

 Peppermint-Chocolate Truffles

 Spiced Coconut Bark

 Chocolate Peanut Butter Haystacks


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