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Phase Two Tips for Maintaining Weight Loss

Below you’ll discover Low Carb Diet Tips specific to Phase 2. In Phase 2 you climb the carb ladder by adding different foods to your daily meal plan, helping to increase your metabolism and maintain weight loss. Read the diet tips below to help guide you along the next step of your Atkins Journey.

Continue to consume a minimum of 12–15 daily grams of Net Carbs as foundation vegetables

Vegetables are the foundation of the Atkins way of eating. Vegetables do contain carbohydrates but, in most cases, these are exactly the kinds of carbs you should be consuming.

Reintroduce food groups one by one, following the Carb Ladder

Depending on your metabolism and weight-loss goal, this may be at weekly intervals, every couple of weeks, or even longer. Read more about the carb ladder by clicking here.

Add back carb foods within each rung of the ladder one by one as well

For example, reintroduce walnuts but gauge their impact, if any, before reintroducing almonds.

Increase your overall daily Net Carb intake

This can be done in 5 gram increments at weekly, bi-weekly or even monthly intervals, whichever works best for you

Continue to weigh and measure yourself

We recommend doing this on a weekly basis as your daily weight will fluctuate based on water weight.


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