Success Stories

Jimmy Moore

Age 36
180 lbs lost
Jimmy Moore
Jimmy Moore

My Story: At the age of 32, I needed to get my life back from the brink of an early grave. I had allowed myself to balloon up to a very unhealthy 410 pounds with size 62-inch waist pants, 5XL shirts, and on three prescription medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and breathing problems. I felt I was always destined to be fat.

My Goals:
After failing on more diets than I care to name, most of which were based on that supposedly ""healthy"" low-fat dietary approach we've had hammered into our heads for most of our lives, I read DR. ATKINS' NEW DIET REVOLUTION and it literally revolutionized the way I looked at healthy eating forever. No longer was eating fat off limits – in fact, it was encouraged. While vegetables are still a part of the Atkins lifestyle, you learn which ones are the best kinds to eat (hint: it ain't corn and potatoes!). Best of all, you stop obsessing over the little things that usually kill your weight loss program before it really gets started while enjoying the most delicious and satisfying foods possible.

How Atkins Helped Get Me There: By the end of the first month, I had taken off 30 pounds and in month two I lost another 40 pounds. I went on to lose 100 pounds in 100 days on Atkins en route to a total of 180 pounds lost in one year! WOW, how can I fully describe what it feels like to FINALLY find a diet that I can live with, be successful with, and do for the rest of my long and healthy life?! It's impossible to put into words how much the Atkins diet has changed Jimmy Moore for the better.

Why did I choose Atkins? Simple...everything else that I had ever been told would make me skinny and healthy didn't. Here was a program that was radically different from what we've heard from the so-called ""experts"" over the years that it certainly couldn't hurt. Yes, I was skeptical about it at first as all of us who have tried it were. But when the results started happening almost immediately, I KNEW this was the diet for me. And it wasn't just for losing weight so I could get right back to the way I was eating beforehand. Not hardly. This is a permanent and healthy lifestyle change I will live with for the rest of my life and happily so. I wouldn't think of eating any other way ever again!

The Atkins Nutritional Approach taught me so many things about eliminating sugar and starch from my diet and the incredible health benefits that come from doing that. The effectiveness of this way of eating truly is one of the most spectacular health progressions of modern times and yet people are still being frightened to death to even try it out of some baseless fear of fat and the senseless ""need"" for consuming large quantities of carbohydrate. Eating 20, 30 or even 40 grams of carbohydrate daily is not only healthy, it's the way your body was meant to live. That's an incredible principle that I learned following this plan – our early ancestors lived on a diet that was mostly high-fat, moderate protein, and low-carb. So why wouldn't we want to mimic that today to be as healthy and fit as possible?

I've often used the Atkins Nutritionals bars and shakes as part of my healthy low-carb lifestyle. Especially when you are on the road a lot traveling like I am, the convenience of grabbing an Atkins bar cannot be underestimated and it prevents me from getting stuck eating something I really shouldn't be consuming. Even better, the taste of the new bars, especially my new favorite – CARAMEL – is so decadent that you'll think you're eating a candy bar. They really are that good while still being low-carb. Sweeeeeet!

The Atkins way of life is not a piece of cake (too high in carbs anyway!), but it is indeed more sustainable over the long-term than any other nutritional approach I have ever tried. The key is to get on the plan, follow the plan exactly as Dr. Atkins prescribed in his books, and then KEEP DOING IT forever. There will be times when you stall out and hit a plateau and that's completely normal. During my weight loss in 2004, I went 10 weeks in a row with NO weight loss, but I stuck with it! I was rewarded for my patience with another 80 pounds lost after my stall. WOO HOO! Sure, you'll sometimes need to adjust the carbs, fat, and protein from time to time to meet your changing individual needs for health and weight loss. But Atkins ain't just a diet, it's a lifestyle change you'll be glad you chose. I SURE AM!

Oh, by the way, all those medications I was taking before Atkins--GONE! Within nine months of being on the diet, I no longer needed them and I haven't taken another prescription drug since! Today, I make a living sharing with others about healthy low-carb living at my ""Livin' La Vida Low-Carb"" blog, podcast, and YouTube videos giving daily inspiration, education, and encouragement for people who want to learn more of the truth about this way of eating. It's my way of paying it forward for the miracle that the Atkins diet has been in my life. Here's wishing you well in your own Atkins journey!