Your Low-Carb Holiday Survival Guide: 6 tips for staying on track through Thanksgiving and beyond


Yes, the impending holiday season is rife with dietary pitfalls or added stress that leads to a strong need for chocolate therapy. But it’s possible to navigate these challenges while still maintaining your weight, or, worst-case scenario, collecting a couple extra pounds that you can lose when January rolls around. Here’s how to stick with your weight-loss goals while making the most of this special time of the year:


  1. Be real. It may feel like you are in the midst of a holiday marathon that starts in October and ends in January, but in reality it comes down to some key days: Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and/or Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, plus some holiday parties. If you focus on planning ahead and sticking with your eating and exercise routine the majority of the time, the “season” becomes much more manageable.
  2. Share your goals. Be proud of what you’re doing, and don’t be afraid to talk about the weight you’ve lost so far, why Atkins works for you and what you hope to do to maintain your weight loss over the holidays. If your friends and family know what you are doing, most likely they will support you. Or even want to join you!
  3. Start the day off right. Plan out all your other low-carb meals and snacks that you will be eating the day of the main event, whether it’s Thanksgiving or a holiday party. That way you will be more likely to make smart choices when faced with a table of temptations.
  4. Pack a low-carb travel kit. If you are flying this holiday season, make sure to include your favorite go-to low-carb products and snacks, like Atkins Advantage bars, almonds, jerky, etc. to help you survive any flight delays or airport food. If you are driving, pack a cooler with hard-boiled eggs, ham and turkey roll-ups, Atkins Advantage shakes, cut-up veggies and more. Once you hit your destination, stock up on a few Atkins frozen meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner!) to have handy when everyone else decides to order pizza for dinner or pick up donuts for breakfast.
  5. Go crazy with veggies. From pumpkin to green beans, spinach to Brussels sprouts, carrots and cauliflower, there are plenty of delicious low-carb vegetable options in our Recipes section for side dishes, appetizers and more that will brighten up any holiday feast, starting with Thanksgiving. 
  6. Give the gift of leftovers. If you are hosting the big meal, package up any too-tempting leftovers and send them as care packages with your guests. They will appreciate the thought and enjoy the delicious food for days to come. Note: Make sure you keep enough turkey or ham and low-carb side dishes on hand so that you, too, can enjoy leftovers without guilt.
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