Fran Bennett

LOST: 52 LBS AGE: 67
MY STORY: "The doctor told me, “One more blood test like this one and you are a diabetic.” My sugar was 136. I weighed 248 lbs. and was 5 foot 5 inches tall. My daughter was on Atkins and losing weight, so I decided to give it a try. Within three weeks, I lost 13 lbs. and my blood sugar dropped within a non-diabetic range. 

After eight months on Atkins, I have lost over 50 lbs., my triglycerides are cut in half from 284 to 144, and my blood sugar has dropped from 136 to 89. I continue to lose weight now, but more slowly. I stick to protein, fruits and veggies. My body type and family history do not allow me to play ping-pong with my diet by eating foods that are not on the Atkins plan now and then. I would only be cheating myself, so I don't.   


I have lost over 50 lbs. I am losing more slowly, and will probably know when to stop. I fit into clothes I put away 5-10 years ago. My goal is not to become a diabetic, to exercise when I can and to enjoy food within the choices the Atkins lifestyle gives me.


The choices are simple for me. As much protein as I need and fruits and veggies. I’ve realized it’s to my benefit to stick to the choices allowed in this simple formula. I am eating what I need and it is very satisfying to find that protein, fruits and veggies satisfy me without gaining weight much better than carbs, sweets, potatoes and pasta ever did. "
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