Audrey Askins

LOST: 80 LBS AGE: 65
MY STORY: "In 1993, I was an obese, 220-pound (5’7”), depressed, 50 year old woman, who was in a bad marriage. I wore a size 22 dress. I tried a lot of other diets, but nothing worked.

I have a history of diabetes and heart disease in my family. I was addicted to sugar and would rather have something sweet than regular food. However, not only did it affect my health but also my moods. I became very nasty at times, which is not me. I went to a doctor and he told me if I gave up sugar I would lose approximately 2 lbs. a week and my moods would stabilize. I didn’t listen to him.

Finally, I realized that I had better do something about myself. That year (1993) I came to the Atkins Center, where I met Dr. Atkins and worked with two of his nutritionists, Jackie Eberstein and Colette Heimowitz.

I found a life. One I never had before.


I followed the Induction Phase for almost a year. I gave up flour, wheat and sugar and found many healthy foods to eat. I found the program easy to follow and realized it was not a diet but a way of life. I modified my diet by not eating a lot of fats. I never ate a ton of bacon or fatty foods. I watched the fruits and vegetables and stuck with low carbs. Before beginning the Atkins program, I ate carbohydrates all day.

I also incorporated exercise, which is a vital part of my program today. I took pool classes and joined a gymnasium. I knew I had to cross train so I went on a treadmill. I could only do three minutes at 2.0 in the beginning. Now, exercise is a daily part of my routine. I run on the treadmill at 4.1 for half an hour and power walk for the other half. I take spinning classes with people are much younger than I. I hike, bike and exercise.

Presently, I wear a size 10. And I care about myself now. I go out to eat frequently and find the program easy to follow. My life has changed in so many ways. I attend OA (Overeaters Anonymous) Meetings. I have a lovely home in a retirement community. I have self-confidence. I go on trips and vacations. My social life is wonderful. I have spoken at OA meetings, OA cruises, been on Fox TV with Dr. Atkins, spoken on Atkins cruises and to anyone who wants to change their lives.

I don’t know where I would be if it were not for the Atkins program, but most importantly, I want to acknowledge the people who believed in me when I was ready to give up. Thanks to all of you."
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