The Program: Phase 3

How to do Phase 3 Right / Troubleshooting

Even though you’re almost at your goal, adding carbs and new foods can cause some frustrations. Here’s how to handle them—or accept them.
  • You may experience cravings and uncontrollable hunger as you add back foods you have not eaten in some time. Figuring out which food you can or cannot handle is important for long-term weight control. If you suspect that particular foods are sabotaging your progress, eliminate them for several days to see whether things improve before trying to introduce them again.
  • You may wind up on a plateau. If you’ve already experienced one more plateaus in OWL, you know about that exercise in delayed gratification. If you’ve been spared this frustrating experience to date, make sure that it’s truly a plateau, meaning you’re doing everything correctly. If so, reduce your daily Net Carb intake by 10 grams and wait it out as patiently as you can.
  • You may stumble upon your Net Carb tolerance for weight maintenance in what initially appears to be a plateau. To see if this is the case, step down 10 grams of Net Carbs daily for at least a week. If weight loss resumes, go up another 5 grams, and so forth.

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