The Program: Objectives of Pre-Maintenance (Fine-Tuning)


If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, whole grains and starchy vegetables may have traditionally been important components of your meals. These are the foods that you’ll reintroduce in Phase 3, Pre-Maintenance. However, they’re also some of the very foods that may have gotten you in trouble in the past. You may find that over time you can tolerate larger portions as long as you steer clear of refined grains and most processed foods.

Advice for Vegetarians and Vegans

  • Follow the general guidelines for reintroducing foods at the top of the Carb Ladder.
  • Follow the basics for Pre-Maintenance and for doing Atkins as a vegetarian or a vegan
  • Always eat carbohydrates with fat and/or protein.
  • Add back starchy vegetables followed by whole grains before higher-carb fruits (other than the berries and melon acceptable in OWL). 
  • Continue to focus on foundation vegetables.
  • Regard starchy vegetables and whole grains (and legumes) as side dishes, rather than the mainstays of a meal.
  • Avoid white rice, white flour and other refined grains.
  • Use Atkins Cuisine pasta, Shirataki pasta or whole-grain pasta instead of conventional pasta made from white flour.
  • Bake with Atkins Cuisine All Purpose Bake Mix or soy flour instead of white flour.
  • Continue to use low-carb productssuitable for Ongoing Weight Loss.
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