The Program: Phase 2

What You Can Eat in this Phase

Welcome to freedom, variety and the Ongoing Weight Loss plan. Combine this list with all the options from Phase I and you’ve got a broader selection of foods to choose from. So enjoy, keep your eye on the end goal and welcome to Phase 2.

During OWL, you add higher carb foods back into your diet – 5 daily Net Carbs per week. You can move beyond vegetables to other foods, such as nuts, seeds and berries. Although you will be eating primarily natural, unprocessed foods, you will find an increasing number of convenience foods – choices that help even busy people stay on track during weight loss.

The Power of Five

In the recommended portions, these foods each contain roughly 5 grams of Net Carbs (total carbs minus fiber).

Dairy Serving Size Net Carbs
Cottage cheese 2% 1/2 cup 4.1
Heavy cream ¾ cup 4.8
Mozzarella cheese 5 ounces 3.0
Ricotta cheese 1/2 cup 3.8
Yogurt, Plain, Unsweetened, whole milk 1/2 cup or 4oz 5.5
Yogurt, Greek, Plain, unsweetened, whole milk 1/2 cup or 4oz 3.5

 Nuts and Seeds  Serving Size Net Carbs
Peanuts 1oz (28g) 2.2
Almonds 24 nuts 2.3
Brazil nuts 5 nuts 2.0
Cashews 9 nuts 4.4
Hulled sunflower seeds 2 T 1.1
Macadamias 6 nuts 2.0
Pecans 10 halves 1.5
Pistachios 25 nuts 2.5
Walnuts 7 halves 1.5

 Serving Size Net Carbs
Blueberries (fresh) ¼ cup 4.1
Cantaloupe or honeydew ¼ cup 3.5
Raspberries (fresh) ¼ cup 1.5
Strawberries (fresh) ¼ cup 1.8

Serving Size
Net Carbs
Lemon juice ¼ cup 5.2
Lime juice ¼ cup 5.6
Tomato juice 4 ounces 4.2

Convenience Foods

Many of the foods listed above are available conveniently packaged to go at the market or convenience store – feel free to grab and
go – just note the serving size, and subtract fiber from total carbs to get Net Carbs.

And remember, Atkins bars and shakes are super convenient too, And every single flavor is allowed in Phase 2. So be busy, be happy and be well fed.

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