The Program: What Low Carb Foods You Can Eat in this Phase

Carb Counts for Soy and Other Vegetarian Products

The following foods should help vegetarians do Atkins. We have tried to list representative Net Carb counts, but be sure to check individual products for exact counts. If a serving count is higher than the one listed below, check carefully for added sugars or other undesirable ingredients. Note that Quorn products contain milk and eggs, making them unsuitable for vegans. Soy cheeses that contain casein, a milk product, are also unsuitable for vegans.

Product Serving Size Grams of Net Carbs
Almond milk, unsweetened 1 cup 1.0
Quorn burger 1 4.0
Quorn roast 4 ounces 4.0
Quorn unbreaded cutlet 1 3.0
Seitan 1 piece 2.0
Shirataki soy noodles ½ cup cooked 1.0
Soy “cheese” 1 slice 1.0
Soy “cheese” 1 ounce 2.0
Soy milk, plain, unsweetened 8 ounces 1.2
Tempeh ½ cup 3.3
Tofu, firm 4 ounces 2.5
Tofu, silken, soft 4 ounces 3.1
Tofu “bacon” 2 strips 2.0
Tofu “Canadian bacon” 3 slices 1.5
*Tofu “hot dogs” 1 2.0–5.0
Tofu bulk “sausage” 2 ounces 2.0
Tofu link “sausage” 2 links 4.0
Vegan “cheese,” no casein 1 slice 5.0
Vegan “cheese,” no casein 1 ounce 6.0
Veggie burger 1 burger 2.0
Veggie crumbles ⅓ cup 2.0
Veggie “meatballs” 4–5 balls 4.0

* Tofu “hot dogs” at the higher end of this range almost certainly contain fillers full of carbs. Try to find products at the lower end of the range.
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