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Alleviate stress with Atkins

"I decided to start Atkins because I needed to change my eating habits, and I was looking for a lifestyle where I did not have to focus on portion size and calorie counting but rather focus on quality and nutrition.

Atkins has allowed me a tremendous amount of flexibility to eat at home or outside my home while eating foods that satisfy me and keep me full. I view processed carbs as an addiction, and I am much better off without them. I have lost a lot of weight and have great energy..."

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Eating breakfast may reduce stress and improve your mental and physical performance throughout the day, plus boost your weight loss. Kick off your morning with some scrambled or fried eggs topped with spinach, avocado or no-sugar-added red salsa and add a side of sausage or bacon. No time to cook? Start the day right with a delicious and fruity Atkins Day Break™ Wild Berry shake.

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