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After celebrating her 50th birthday, Lisa Marie saw photos of herself and felt unhappy, unhealthy and embarrassed about her body. She tried and failed to lose weight on many other diets but with encouragement from her doctor, she decided to give the Atkins lifestyle a chance. In 8 months, Lisa Marie has lost an outstanding 108 pounds. "My life has changed forever with the Atkins way of eating. I don't ever feel deprived of food. I have so much energy and I love having my picture taken with my grandchildren!". Read her story HERE.

Congratulations on being an Atkins Success Story Superstar! As the Round 2 winner, Lisa Marie will receive a $5,000 shopping spree to the retailer of her choice!

Cheryl Lynn has a passion for food and is a self-proclaimed foodie and chocoholic? but like many of us, she lacked discipline when it comes to food. For years she was in denial about her weight but after stepping on the scale she knew she couldn't make any more excuses.

When she heard about Atkins from a co-worker she decided to try it herself. Cheryl Lynn began Atkins 3 months ago and has already lost 50 pounds! With Atkins, Cheryl can eat anywhere. Her favorite part is that she can eat great food at any restaurant. "A protein and a green vegetable is all I need," she states. With other diets she always felt hungry but Atkins satiates her appetite and never leaves her feeling miserable or starved. Today she feels healthier, has confidence in herself and has a positive outlook on life.

As the Grand Prize Winner, Cheryl Lynn and a guest will receive an all-expense paid trip to Los Angeles for a photo shoot with Courtney Thorne-Smith. STAY TUNED for more about Cheryl and her Atkins Success Story Superstar transformation.

Congratulations to you both on being Atkins Success Story Superstars!

And thank you to everyone who entered. We received so many incredible submissions and were touched by each and every one of your heartfelt stories and accomplishments. You are all inspirations to us here at Atkins. Keep up the great work!

To your health and happiness,

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