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Our most popular recipes
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Atkins Recipe Box: Our most popular recipes

Muffin in a Minute (MIM)
All-Around Favorite. What can we say? This was by far the most popular recipe. Whether you like these delicious morsels savory or sweet, they are an Atkins staple.
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Ancho Macho Chili
Most Popular Main Dish. This hearty main dish is perfect for any party or family dinner and also works great as lunch leftovers throughout the week.
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Baked Stuffed Mushrooms, Sausage & Mozzarella
Most Popular Appetizer. It's hard to have just one of these cheesy stuffed mushrooms. They become the star of any gathering. Even your non-Atkins friends will want the recipe!
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Pumpkin Cheesecake
Most Popular Dessert. Who knew that decadent, creamy cheesecake could be a part of any type of weight-loss plan? On Atkins, it is. The pumpkin adds a fruity sweetness.
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