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On the Road with Atkins: Making it Work
Round 1 of our Success Story Superstar Contest is closed

We have been truly touched by your heartfelt stories, your courage, accomplishments and life-changing results! The winner of Round 1 will be announced on or before July 15th.

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Ask the Nutritionist: A Weighty Question

Q  Why am I always hungry? I feel satisfied right after eating, but then I’m starving in about 90 minutes.
A  If you’re following the program exactly how it should be and you’re still hungry in between meals, you could try eating more frequently...

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Atkins Recipe Box: On-the-Go Recipes

Sweet and Spicy Nuts
Make this mix ahead of time, and bring it on your next road trip or keep some in your purse or briefcase so you always have a healthy snack on hand.
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Swiss Cheese, Turkey and Asparagus Roll-ups
These roll-ups go anywhere, as long as you keep them chilled. Pack them for a picnic or bring them to work. You can also use different types of cheese or meat.
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